Erandas couriers offers superior and speedy services for both our corporate and retail clients. A standard delivery time of 24 hours (for regional delivery) and 48 hours (for nationwide delivery) is also guaranteed. All clients are top priority and are catered to based on their individual needs and requirements. This is carried out through a professional and competent team of staff. In terms of delivery solutions the company has ensured a fast, affordable and reliable range of services to suit various needs:

Intra City Delivery

Erandas couriers is concerned with the delivery of mails and bulk items within the city and other specified geographic locations. This involves the use of dispatch riders and motorcycles as well as vehicles, such as in cases of bulk item delivery within the city. such as in cases of bulk item delivery within the city.

International Delivery

Erandas Couriers has furthermore established relationships with other courier companies, in order to facilitate easy delivery of international mails and bulk items. This particular service is of great benefit to major Nigerian trading partners.

Office Specifics and Logistics

Erandas Couriers takes the provision of specialized services to an unrivalled level. This is done by catering to the unique needs of unusual clients such as restaurants, shopping malls, and other such organizations.

Inter City Delivery

Inter city delivery involves movement of mails/bulk items between cities in Nigeria. Erandas Couriers has over the years, developed a robust logistics to ensure efficient and swift delivery of mails and bulk items between Nigerian cities

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