Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Mrs Aishat Isah: Mrs Aishat Isah is the Chairman of Erandas Limited. Mrs Isah holds a Higher National Diploma in Business Administration from Lagos State Polytechnic and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Administration. Mrs. Isah is the Executive Chairman of Uyoat Foods Entrerprises, a major food processing company, based in Lagos and Abuja.

Mohammed Kolo Mohammed: Mohammed Kolo is a graduate of law from Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto, and a member of Nigerian Bar Association. Mr. Kolo is the Managing Partner of Sleek Solicitors, a legal firm, based in Lagos. He is also on the board of Shelong Investment Limited (a Stock Broking/Issuing House)

Mrs Halimat Sadiat Audu: Halimat Sadiat holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, and a Master of Science in Project Management from the University of Warwick, both in the United Kingdom. Mrs Audu is currently the Head of Research, Shelong Investment Limited (a Stock Broking/ Issuing House).

Nefisat Isa: Nefisat earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Communication from the University of Toronto, Canada. Thereafter, Miss Isa worked with a social media-marketing firm, N5R as an account manager and at Napkin Marketing as a marketing specialist. Also, Miss Isa worked with Breklinge Corporation as a Marketing Manager before returning to Nigeria. Miss Isa is currently the Managing Director of the Erandas Limited, the Creative Director at Neisah Ltd and Founder of Luxury Kaftans Limited.

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